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Sunday 14, August 2022
Our selections in RAS 2013

Our selections in RAS 2012

Our selections in IAS 2012
Comments from our Toppers

Ajay Singh - IAS (2008)
Springboard institute helped me to move in right direction. Ability of Dilip sir to point out even very minor weak areas proved a major factor behind my success. Thanks for all their efforts.

Ajay Singh

Padam Mirdha - IAS (2007)
Becoming a member of Springboard family is like enrolling yourself for a successful career. Guidence of Dilip sir in working out perfect strategy for Mains exams and interviews proved to me an invaluable help and support. Thanks for all his personal attention.

Padam Mirdha

Alok Sharma- IAS (2007)
At springboard emphasis is given on creating students' interest in subject. Analytical classroom teaching makes it easier to respond to need of examination room. Wishing all the best to all of them who are prearing for civil service exams.

Alok Sharma

Balwant Singh - IAS (2006)
Besides classroom teaching group studies at Springboard Academy played big role behind my success. Thanks to Dilip sir for giving civil services aspirants a platform where they can share their ideas under his personal guidence.

Balwant Singh

Vinod Gupta - IAS (2005)
Personal guidence of Dilip sir helped me analyse my civil preparations. The techniques given by him for remembering complicated topics proved a success mantra for me.

Vinod Gupta