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Sunday 14, August 2022
IAS Prelims 2020-21 Practice Test Series
How & from where to start preparation for IAS prelims (Pre) ?

This is a very basic and always the first question which strikes the mind of a student who wants to pursue his career in India’s most reputed services. Owing to the vast syllabus and high standard of examination, this civil services exam conducted by UPSC is considered as one of the toughest exam in the world. Students are advised not to co-relate this word toughest with the word “impossible”. Although getting selected in the IAS exam is a little difficult task but few mantras can ensure you a guaranteed success. These mantras are - setting your goal firmly, complete dedication towards your goal, right approach, patience and of course hard work.

To begin your preparations read the syllabus prescribed by UPSC very carefully and digest it into your mind. When you read any book you must be well aware of your exam pattern and try to stick to the topics prescribed by UPSC as it is really a big waste of time if you try to learn everything under the sun. This is the first and most important step towards your final success in IAS exam. Try to solve the question papers of previous years as this will make you familiar with the paper pattern. As you might have already noticed in the pattern of questions that more emphasis is given to the conceptual questions so build strong foundation for every subject. NCERT books (specially old books) can be a good source for acquiring basic knowledge about any topic.

Make your own short notes for each topics. These short notes are very helpful specially few days before the exams. During this time you cannot read and revise everything and quick revision of them can re memorize many important things.

Best way to know the pattern of any exam is by referring the past question papers. We have tried to simplify this task by providing free online practice test series for IAS prelims (Pre) exam. You can access these test papers free of cost and by solving them you will be acquainted to the examination pattern of IAS prelims.

Preparing for IAS Prelims 2020 ?

New Test Series will be available closer to exam date. Practice test series are available.
If you are planning to appear in IAS pre exam conducted by UPSC in 2019 then it right time to focus your studies on this prelims exam. Besides regular classroom studies, Springboard Academy (most trusted name for civil services exam coaching) organize online mock practice test series. Complete test series will target IAS prelims 2019 and short notes for current events will be available to the members of Club SBA. The test series are available both in Hindi and English medium (bilingual).

Detailed schedule for our online test series for IAS prelims 2019 will be declared soon meanwhile you can analyze your exam preparations by Download Springboard App